Ikon1Who are we?

The Swedish Naprapathic Association work in order to improve and develop the role of naprapathy in society. This work includes, among other things, to secure the cohesiveness between naprapaths, but also to fortify the role of naprapathy within remaining health care in general.

Ikon2What does a naprapath do?

The naprapath examines, prevents, diagnoses, treats and rehabilitates conditions of pain and reduced use in all parts of the locomotive organs. A naprapath works amongst other things with manual techniques in order to reduce pain and recreate function.

Ikon3What does a naprapath treat?

Naprapathy has a broad scope of practise in which you can get help with a variety of complaints in the locomotive organs and support agencies. Naprapaths treats every condition of pain from, for example, pain in the neck, back, shoulders and knees, to conditions such as tennis elbow, tension headache and sciatica.

Ikon4Find a naprapath nearby

There are naprapaths all over the country, from Kiruna in the north to Trelleborg in the south. With nearly 1200 members there are always a naprapath close to you. Right now, this function is under technical maintenance. Please visit this site at a later occasion!


6 out of 10 choose a naprapath*

*According to a survey by Skops, 63% of the Swedes would prefer to visit a naprapath instead of the medical center with their back problems - if the fee was the same. In the ages 35-54, 68% prefer the naprapath treatment compared to the medical center.

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