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What does a naprapath do?

The naprapath examines, diagnoses, treats, rehabilitates and prevents conditions of pain and reduced function in all parts of the locomotive organs. A naprapath always starts by looking at the entirety and consider both physical and social factors which can contribute to the emerge of pain and other discomfort. Naprapaths are experts within manual medicine and uses his their hands in the variety of treatment techniques. Manipulation and mobilization, which aims to recreate function in joints is combined with massage, connective tissue techniques and stretching aimed towards the body’s soft parts. .

We help you prevent future discomfort

The manual treatment techniques is, when required, complemented with electroconvulsive therapy, such as TENS or shockwave treatment, and many naprapaths also use acupuncture as an alternative treatment method for pain. A crucial part in the treatment is that the patient becomes part of his or hers rehabilitation and in preventing future discomfort – the naprapath therefore follows up on the treatment with individual advice about exercises and ergonomics.

Många olika typer av smärttillstånd.

Naprapati är ett brett verksamhetsområde och naprapaten tar hand om många olika typer av smärttillstånd och
nedsatt funktion i rörelse och stödjeorganen.

We are experts on the body

The naprapaths’ expert knowledge within manual medicine is combined with excellent understanding within medical matters like orthopaedics and neurology, inter alia. Due to this a naprapath takes primary responsibility for diagnosing and determine whether the patient is to be treated with naprapathy or to be sent to a doctor for further examination.

We are located all over Sweden

Most naprapaths run their own clinics, but employment and assignments in companies or the sports movement are becoming more common – many sport associations and unions have naprapaths in their medical teams. Naprapathy financed by county councils is existing in 13 out of 21 councils, and in these there are examples in employment at care centers, as well as individual medical care agreements and including of naprapathy in care agreements.

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