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What does the Swedish Naprapathic Association do?

The Swedish Naprapathic Association was founded in 1971 and is an occupation association for naprapaths. The primary functions of the Association is to:


Operate for cohesiveness between naprapaths, inter alia through offering continuous education.


Collaborate with remaining organisations with interest in manual medicine, within and beyond the borders.


Operate in order to improve the role of naprapathy within swedish health care, and throughout society.


Operate for research activities which amplifies, deepens, fortifies, and spreads knowledge within locomotive organs and supportive agencies, with focus on musculoskeletal health and areas with relevance for manual medicine, particularly naprapathy.


Spread knowledge about the Association and its purposes.

How do I become a member in The Swedish Naprapathic Association?

The association is divided into four geographical parts and has about 1200 efficient members all over the county – from Kiruna in the north to Trelleborg in the south. In order to become a member in the association a diploma from Naprapathögskolan in Stockholm or an equivalent education abroad is acquired. The association supports science research, creates ethical rules for naprapaths, works continuously with quality work and questions regardings patients safety, and stimulates to qualified further education. All members have statutory patient and responsibility insurance.

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