Collaboration with health care

Cooperation with health care in general has always been natural for naprapaths and it grows more and more in a formal view. Authorized naprapaths are a natural part of the health and medical care, and SNF co-operates with all of Sweden’s county councils.

In excess of the individual medical care agreements there are also other examples of naprapathy in the county councils. In the region of Skåne as well as in Stockholm’s county council naprapathy is part of the medical care agreement. Here naprapaths can be employees of the district health and care centers, and also subcontractors to the health care centers. There are also naprapaths who runs or are part of a MMR-team (multimodal rehabilitation).

A thing that is increasing rapidly is the number of private medical treatment insurances, which can be seen very clearly amongst the country’s naprapaths. Within this area the naprapaths’ competence and cost-effectiveness is explicitly shown, and today many naprapaths are part of the net of receptions that are disposal to the policy holders. Naprapaths are also more frequently hired by companies to be a part of their staff health care. Several big companies has in recent time made nationwide contracts with naprapaths in order to be able to offer their staff quick and safe medical care all around the country.

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