Mouse arm


Mouse arm can be described as pain or stiffness in neck, shoulders, arms or hands, and is often caused by long lasting work with a computer. A complete medical definition of the condition is however non-existing - it is rather an umbrella term for a lot of conditions. Lack of ergonomics in your work environment or in other contexts can lead to that muscles in the shoulders, neck and arms works static or in an unfavourable condition. This means that you under a long time with pressure on the muscles with a low intense, negative strain. The result is a impaired circulation and thereafter an increased probity in muscles and joints. The symptoms can be poor tactility, coordination difficulties, tickles in hands and arms, difficulty with opening and tieing your hand, and tender muscles and hands.

Pain is a warning signal and should not be ignored. When the complaints has arised a naprapath can examine and diagnose your arm and help you by treating the muscles involved. The naprapath will help you figure out what the causes might be, and will also give you advice regarding training and developing of your work space. A key concept when it comes to work related issues is variation. Remember that the biggest help can be to change the negative strain and reduce the static work. Regular pauses with movement and exercises often gives a very good effect. Try to vary your work tasks and plan your work space so that natural movements with shifting working moments is included. If possible: also try to vary between standing and sitting work position.

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