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The term sciatica is usually used for back pain which radiates from the backs lower part, down to one leg, and sometimes all the way down to the foot. The term is in medical sense limited to describe a condition of pain which is caused by a mechanic and/or chemical irritation of the sciatic nerve. The gluteal muscle can possibly spawn a pain reminding of sciatica. The causes for muscle related complaints can be long lasting, unilateral work positions, inactivity or incorrect training.

When issues like sciatica arises it is important to clarify if the pain is caused solely by strained muscles or if a a mechanical and/or chemical irritation of the sciatic nerve exists. When suspicion about intervertebral disk displacement, root canal obstruction, or sliding of fetlocks lies, the naprapath will direct you to an orthopaedist for further examination. If you have acute complaints, such as non existing control of urine and/or feces, you should go directly to an emergency room for examination. If the cause is of muscular character it is important to treat. When this is the case you often get advice on which exercises you can do on your own in order to rehabilitate and prevent.


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