Shoulder pain

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Except from work with your arms above your shoulders, computer work is an usual cause for shoulder pain. The construction in many keyboards often make the upper arm to rotate outwards. This makes the shoulder joint very close to it’s most extreme position, and a number of muscles then have to work in a strained and abbreviated position. The consequence is that shoulder joints and muscles have to work under very unfavourable conditions, which can lead to pain and stiffness arising. Other possible causes can be muscular imbalance where the muscles at the back of the shoulder are weak in comparison with the muscles at the front side of the shoulder.

It is very important to find an as comfortable and natural work position as possible. If your muscles get tired quickly you are presumably sitting in a wrong way, or have your desk placed at the wrong height. Another reason can be that the interaction between muscles and joints are not working in a satisfying way due to long lasting unilateral or static work. A naprapath can help you to find the cause, adjust these and give you advice on what you can do to rehabilitate and prevent future complaints.


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