Tennis elbow

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Despite what the name might indicate, tennis is rarely a triggering factor in this case. When you have tennis elbow the pain is located at the elbows external and the pain is often increased when the wrist joints are turned upwards. Sometimes the pain can radiate to the underarm and hans. A common cause for pain in the elbow is an overload of the underarms muscles or it’s insertions, which can arise due to repeated unilateral and static strain. To strain the underarm, wrist and hand with intense work that you are not used to can also be a possible cause.

In order to avoid the appearance of chronic complaints it is important with an early set treatment. The most important thing is that you from the beginning eliminates the strain or the movements that causes the complaints. After that more specific training of the underarm’s muscles can work nicely - this is also often what prevents future complaints. The naprapath can sometimes hurry the process with help of manual techniques such as shock wave treatment. It is also important to fix the primary causes and for example look at work postures.


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