Tension headache

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Tension headache often appear in the back of the head and over the eyes, forehead and crown and has a pressing nature. The ache can also appear in the neck, jaws and temples. This form of headache is common and often appears during and after a long lasting and intense static work with a lack of ergonomics - for example in the office. Stress, psychological challenges, eyestrain and lacking orofacial pain can also cause reappearing headache and trauma towards neck and head. If a headache that you do not recognise appears suddenly or you have headache that lasts during a longer period of time you should go to a doctor in order to examine the cause.

Tension headache is usually important to treat. It is crucial to find the source to why the complaints have emerged and that is why the naprapath does a thorough examination before the treatment is begun. The treatment is performed on the thoracic spine and the neck, both in joints and muscles, and also often in the face muscles, through manual techniques. You will also get tips on how you can prevent the arise of continued discomfort. This can involve changes in sleep habits, diet, training and ergonomics in you working environment.


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