Tax-deductible and tax-free naprapathy treatment

Prevent sick leave

A lot of naprapaths has agreements with companies about a thing called “free preventing treatment and rehabilitation”. When a need like that is existing for an employee the treatment with a naprapath is tax-deductible for the employer, and tax-free for the employee. The responsibility for evaluating the need of treatment for the employee is put on the employer. This is a good way for employers to create opportunities for the employee to get back to work soon, or if the risk lies, to prevent sick-leave. You can read more about free preventing treatment and rehabilitation here.

Wellness grants

An authorized naprapath works with health care, but can also give health maintaining treatments according to The Swedish Tax Agency’s writings about wellness grants. The treatment is however limited since The Swedish Tax Agency called it ‘simpler massage’. A treatment which is funded by wellness grants is also obligated to have sales tax. You can read more about the wellness grants here. You can see which activities The Swedish Tax Agency approved for wellness grants here.

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