Authorization and protected titles

Naprapathy is since 1994 a profession that needs authorization to practice it. The application for becoming an authorized naprapath can be made at the Health and Human Services Department. But only after an approved full time education of four years, a degree in naprapathy, and a one year internship as a naprapath within state medicine. A decision to make naprapathy into a protected working title was made in 2007. This means that you have to be in an internship, or be an authorized naprapath in order to use the title. An authorized naprapath works accordingly to the same laws and statutes as other health care personal. The care is to be given in agreement with science and reliable experience. Authorized naprapaths has such knowledge that they can determine which patients should receive other forms of care. Due to this the naprapath have independent medical work responsibility, as well as a primary diagnose responsibility.

Authorized naprapaths secure the quality of the work

It falls on every authorized naprapath to secure the quality of the work accordingly to the Health and Human Services Department’s prescriptions. The Swedish Naprapathic Association has developed a system in order to secure the quality of work and is easy for a naprapath to use in his or hers daily work. The system consists out of four surveys: Quality of the reception, Result followup of naprapathy care, Clinic followup and Divergency rapports. Each year a Patient safety story is to be executed by the naprapath, just like in every other group working within health care. In this the work including improvement of patient safety during the year is presented.

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