Forum on Manual Medicine

FoMM (Forum on Manual Medicine) is the largest congress in advanced manual medicine.

It is organized every year by the Swedish Naprapathic Association.

FoMM 2012

 MG 3584

FoMM, Forum on Manual Medicine, The Swedish Naprapathic Association’s annual congress, was 2012 arranged in Infra City, Upplands Väsby. The theme was “Sports medicine whitin manual medicine” and the goal was to connect current science with the clinical work that comes with patients.

On the night before the congress workshops were held by Professor Ann Cools; "Chronic shoulder pain: clinical examination and treatment strategy", and by Dr. and physiotherapist Karin Grävare Silbernagel; “Examination, evaluation and training of Achilles’ tendon”.

During the day of the congress Silbernagel focused on pain in tendons and how we can threat this, whilst Cools lectured about her area of expertise, examination and treatment of shoulder complaints. The two was accompanied by senior fellow Leif Swärd, who for many years was a national team physician for the english and the swedish national football team. He lectured about how athletics affects the back.

The congress was finished the day after with two workshops held by naprapaths; “A dance medic’s point of view on feet and foot injuries - training and rehab with or without shoes” by Patric Söderblom and “Re-training of incorrect movement patterns” by Carina Lesche. The day also consised out of the Swedish Naprapathic Association’s annual meeting.


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