Forum on Manual Medicine

FoMM (Forum on Manual Medicine) is the largest congress in advanced manual medicine.

It is organized every year by the Swedish Naprapathic Association.

FoMM 2013

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For the fifth time the Swedish Naprapathic Association arranged the congress FoMM, Forum on Manual Medicine. This time the theme was “Cervical spine with focus on shoulders and arms” and it was held at Aronsborg conference hotel in Bålsta.

The congress days was started with workshops the night before when the physiotherapist Sarah Mottram held a lecture about ¨Controlling the orientation of the Scapula¨ and Dr. Jay Shah held his workshop; ¨ Myofascial trigger points, sensitization and neuromusculoskeletal pain: Intergrating pain mechanisms with objective physical afindings and treatment strategies¨.

The days of the congress consisted out of five presentations where Mottram focused on regaining function in neck and shoulder while Shah presented the latest discoveries within myofascial pain. These two was accompanied by Dr. Thomas Lundberg who lectures about what we manual therapists can do for patients with neck and shoulder pain.

The Swedish Naprapathic Association’s organisation was discussed the day after the congress. This was followed by the Association’s annual meeting. Two workshops were also held; “Clinical examination and diagnostics of cervical rhizopathy” by Martin Soudah, and “Everyone who has an healthy back raises their hand”, by Patrick Larsson and David Felhendler.

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