Forum on Manual Medicine

FoMM (Forum on Manual Medicine) is the largest congress in advanced manual medicine.

It is organized every year by the Swedish Naprapathic Association.

FoMM 2015

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Forum on Manual Medicine, The Swedish Naprapathic Association's annual congress, took a holistic approach over the advance manual medicine 2015. This years theme was “Manual Therapy Today - Science and Practice." During the congress current science and practical application in workshops with base in naprapathy, chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy is presented. The pre congress grasped four interesting workshops, two during full days and two shorter at night. During the day the workshop was held by the well known chiropractor Mel Bornstein; "Chiropractic techniques – the extremities", and the physiotherapist Juha Hiltonen; "Neurodynamics and nerve mobilization". During the evening is was the osteopath Gary Fryer; "Muscle energy techniques – an osteopathic approach to joint and muscle dysfunction" and the naprapath Nidal Awad; “Adapting manipulation techniques - mobile/rigid and big/little patient”, who held the workshops.

On the day of the congress national and international authorities from all four professional groups presented current science with connection to the everyday clinical situation. The lecturers were the chiropractor's Jan Hartvigsen and Alice Kongsted from the chiropractic education by Syddansk University in Odense, the osteopath Gary Fryer from Victoria University in Melbourne, the physiotherapist Kjartan Vibe Fersum from Bergens University, the naprapaths Eva Skillgate and Kari Paanalahti from the Karolinska Institute and Naprapathögskolan, and also the naprapath Titti Lilje from Blekinge Technical University.

During the evening a banquet dinner was, per usual, held with nice food, a couple of prize distributions and of course entertainment and dans. On the saturday, after the day of the congress, two more workshops were held; Mel Bornstein; "The Cervicals – how to safely and efficaciously diagnose and treat the region" and Kjartan Vibe Fersum; "Changing pain and movement behavior in low back patients". The afternoon was dedicated to the Swedish Naprapathic Association and our operations, and also to our annual meeting. New for this year was the fact that the congress was ended with an inspirational lecture; Erik Ståhl who was born with a very unusual blood and immunodeficiency disease called Wiscott-Aldrichs syndrome. This affects everything in his life, and he held the lecture “I will feast as long as I live.”


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