Forum on Manual Medicine

FoMM (Forum on Manual Medicine) is the largest congress in advanced manual medicine.

It is organized every year by the Swedish Naprapathic Association.

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The Swedish Naprapathic Association is an occupational association for naprapaths. Research and development, but also questions about further education are central in the Association's work and why Forum on Manual Medicine has an important role. The congress also creates a great opportunity for those who practise manual medicine to meet and exchange experiences. This goes very well in line with SNF:s aspiration to cooperate with other organizations within manual medicine.

FoMM has grown to be the largest congress in Sweden within advanced manual medicine and attracts around 400 to 500 participants each year.

Do you have idéas of how FoMM can develop and become even better? Send your thoughts and comments to SNF:s association manager, Anders Mattsson-Coll: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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