How do I become a naprapath?

Naprapathögskolan is the biggest university in the Scandinavian countries within advanced manual medicine and has educated naprapaths since 1970. The school was founded by Björn J:son Berg who became a naprapath at Chicago National College of Naprapathy in 1960-1964. Naprapathögskolan is a private university, which is financed by term fees. There are approximately 375 students at the school, mainly from the Nordic countries, but from other countries as well. The middle age of the students is 22 years old and the distribution by sex is even. The school is supervised by the National Agency for Higher Education and is owned and runned by Björn J:son Berg and his family.

Four years of full time studies


The education cover four years of full time studies, equivalent to 240 ECTS-points. Approximately half of the education is dedicated to characteristic subject naprapathy, which includes theoretical as well as practical parts. The other half is dedicated to human biology, medical, and social- and behavioral science. Academic education is integrated with practical education in naprapaty’s different methods of treatment throughout the entire education. The university has a student clinic located in central Stockholm where the students practice their clinical traineeship from the second semester. The thing that characterizes the education and lays the foundation for naprapaths high competence in caring and working with patients, is the early started and continuous contact with patients. This is where the academic and practical knowledge is developed.

Occupational preparing education

The students meet 4-8 patients each week as from the second semester. A fact that makes the transit from student to working naprapath a lot easier. In excess of the clinical traineeship the education consists of teaching in form of lectures and seminars, practical exercises in smaller groups, but also group activities and fieldtrips. The education is completed with a Bachelor’s Thesis characterized by research, a bigger examination and a final test within naprapathy. After approved examinations and essays a diploma in naprapathy will be handed out. For more information – go to Naprapathögskolans website..

How do I become a naprapath abroad?



The nursing school in Kymmenedalen is in cooperation with Åbo University running a public naprapathy education since 2001. The education equivalent to 240 ECTS-points and results in a Bachelor.


There are two naprapathy educations in the USA. The first is National College of Naprapathic Medicine in Chicago, and the second is Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine in New Mexico.

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