The Swedish Naprapathic Association is an occupation association for naprapaths. Regardless if you are a working naprapath as self-employed, is an employer or an employee, are doing your year as an intern, are a student at Naprapathögskolan, are a senior citizen or a naprapath who works with something else, but still wants to be part of our community, you have many reasons to become a member. Apply for membership today! You will find the formulary further down at this page.

Which benefits do I get as a member?

If you are a member in the Swedish Naprapathic Association you will, among other things, get:

  • Continuous opportunity for further education.
  • Access to the Associations intranet.
  • A newsletter and other dispatch.
  • Exposure of your own work on the Association’s website.
  • Participation in, and benefits of the Association’s marketing arrangements.
  • A strong group who look after your interests and lead your work forward.
  • The benefit of contributing to research activities within naprapathy.
  • The possibility to apply for funding for your own research projects
  • Possibility to secure the quality and document your further training.
  • Insurances for treatment injuries and general patient responsibility.
  • Opportunity to get patient insurance for a good price samt group insurance with co-insured.
  • Judicial help when needed.
  • Beneficial offers from several suppliers.
Which commitments do I have as a member?

The commitments for a member in the Swedish Naprapathic Association is to:

  • Work for the Association’s cohesiveness and development.
  • Regard the confidentiality.
  • Be loyal to the Association and its administrative body.
  • Behave serious and and according to the Association’s ethical rules in all your activity.
  • Work under a correct title.
  • Only practise work that according to the Health and Human Services Department correspond with research and well-tried experience.
  • Render established member and service fee and insurance premium.
Which charges are there?
  • The annual fee is divided in a member and a service fee. A membership also includes compulsory insurance premiums.
  • The membership fee is to be rendered every year by ordinary members, internship members, student members and inactive members. Student members render a reduced fee.
  • The service fee is rendered yearly by all members, with honorary, permanent, inactive and student members as exceptions. Internship members and retiree members render a reduced fee.
  • Compulsory insurance premiums is to be rendered by all operative working members, with honorary, permanent and inactive members as exceptions. The premium’s magnitude is determined by the Association’s board of directors in cooperation with a representative from the insurance company.
What is the current annual fee?
  • Membership fee: 600 kr/year, 100 kr/year for students.
  • Service fee: 5.300 kr/year + sales tax, 2.650 kr/year + sales tax for internship member + retiree member.
  • Membership insurance base: 2.420 kr/year.
  • Student insurance: 250 kr/year.
How do I become a member of the Swedish Naprapathic Association?

The association is divided into four geograpgic regions, and has around 1200 members who are active all over Sweden, from Kiruna in the north to Ystad in the south. To become a member, one requires an accepted education from the College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine, or any equivalent education from abroad.

The association supports research, formulates ethical guidelines for naprapaths, works continuously with quality assurance and questions regarding patient safety, and also stimulate to qualified further education. Every member has statutory patient insurance and liability insurance.

Become a member of the Swedish Naprapathic Association

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