Quality assurance

According to the Health and Human Services Department’s precepts every authorized naprapath shall work with securing the quality. These precepts says that the quality work should be constant, systematic and documented.

Four surveys

The Swedish Naprapathic Association has developed a system in order to secure the quality of work and is easy for a naprapath to use in his or hers daily work. The system consists out of four surveys:

Quality of the reception

Result follow up of naprapathy care

Clinic follow up

Divergency rapports

The system for securing quality is available for all members on the Swedish Naprapathic Associations’ intranet.

Each year a Patient safety story is to be executed by the naprapath, just like in every other group working within health care. In this the work including improvement of patient safety during the year is presented.

The Association also operate work within the patient’s safety. A safety manual with guidelines is utilized by members, but also during the education. In cooperation with the Association’s insurance broker and insurance provider an insurance council has been created. There questions regarding the safety of the patients is discussed.

In the Association one naprapath is responsible for patient’s safety. This naprapath has a task to conduct a dialogue with patients and naprapaths when confusion or other problems occur.

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