The Swedish Naprapathic Association reserve capital each year for research and development through education scholarships and research funding. The purpose of this is to stimulate the research within the locomotive organs and supportive agencies with focus on musculoskeletal health and areas of importance for manual medicine.

SNF’s research funding shall go to operations that:

Increase, immerse, fortifies and spreads knowledge within with focus on the locomotive organs and supportive agencies with focus on musculoskeletal health and areas of importance for manual medicine, particularly naprapathy.

Promotes and develops research that leads to improved public health.

Makes critical reviews and evaluates the effects of manual medicine.

Contributes to increased patient safety within the manual medicine.

MUSIC, Musculoskeletal & Sports Injury Epidemiology Center

The Swedish Naprapathic Association has with financial resourses contributed to the activity at MUSIC, one of Swedens leading groups of researchers within musculoskeletal disorders. Head of that group is associate Professor and naprapath Eva Skillgate. The association supports for example research projects with purpose to evidence base treatment within naprapathy/manual medicine, understand the factors that affects and causes pain conditions and identify risk factors regarding athletic injuries in young elite, in cooperation with the sports community.

Funding of doctoral students and doctoral positions

Since a couple of years back The Swedish Naprapathic Association is together with Naprapathögskolan funding a number of doctoral students at, amongst other schools, the Karolinska Institute and the University in Ghent. The doctoral students and doctoral degree students have a central role in the Association’s work with science and development. The funding also includes postdoc-services since a few years back.


The Swedish Naprapathic Association also reserves capital for a scholarship that each year is awarded to students at Naprapathögskolan who has accomplished a distinguished degree project of high quality.

Funding for congress members

The Swedish Naprapathic Association also gives funding for naprapaths who participates in congresses of interest for the corps. The counter performance consists out of briefing the Association and other members.

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