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Here you will find information about the Swedish Naprapathic Associations’ ECTS-point giving system for further education. Down below you will find information about our system for further education and application documents for course validation. If you have further questions you are welcome to contact us through e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PECTS-point giving system for further education within the naprapathic union

The Swedish Naprapathic Association’s system for further education aims to motivate naprapaths into further education, but also to secure the quality of the courses and seminars. The system is built on that the naprapath through collecting ECTS-points each year has the possibility to, with a diploma, verify their updated further education.

Courses considered approved in the system must fulfil set criterias and validation of a course befalls through an application to SNF.

After completed cours/education you scan or copy your course certificate and send it to our office by mail or letter. You can do it ongoing during the year but latest January 31 next year.

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adress: Carl Alberts Gränd 1, 118 27 Stockholm.

When you attend a regional or central arranged course like FoMM, Forum on Manual Medicine, the points will be registered automatically and you do not have to submit a course certificate. If you want to know if a course is approved before you attend it or want the assessment team for further education to review the course for points;

  • Already reviewed courses are seen in the list ¨Approved courses¨ below. If your course do not exist in the list you just submit the course certificate to our office and the assessment team will review the course afterwards.
  • If you want a course reviewed before you attend or arrange it and the course do not exists in the list you use the form ¨Application¨ below. To do the review before the course starts the assessment team needs your application three weeks before course start.

Below there is a form "Application" - fill it in and click send. It is a advantage to have the possibility to advertise that the course is approved for points. To do the review before course start the assessment team needs your application three weeks before.

All courses that are available for naprapaths has the possibility of approval in the system of further education of SNF. Application is done by the participant or the course organizer. Assessment is done by the assessment team from certain criteria;

  • The course should be about the clinical workday of a naprapath or support the professional development that SNF is works for.
  • The course should have a scientific base and the content should rest on science and proved experience.
  • The invitation of the course should be open to all members of SNF.
  • The lecturer/lecturers should be authorized professionals or of international equivalens.
  • The course should be at least 1 clock hour.

One point equals to one clock hour. At achieved 12 points during one year you have earned SNF:s diploma for completed further education. The diploma will be sent out early next year. The points are counted during a calendar yoar and you can achive a new diploma every year.

Note! From January 1 2017 it is no longer possible to save points from one year to another.

Here you can find all the application documents


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